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5 Things To Include To Your 3 Paragraph Essay For Making It A Strong Piece


Essay writing is a compulsory academic homework regardless of the institution or course of study. Be that as it may, only very few students find the writing process uncomplicated and easy to handle. The task may be complex especially at the beginning and the good thing about it is that it can be improved through constant practice and diligence.

For you to be able to construct a 3-paragraph essay that is solid and effective, keep in mind that there are valuable components for you to carry out and these consist of the following:

  1. Proper Structure
  2. A written discourse must be broken down into paragraphs in order to make it easy to read and understand. Needless to say, it will quite baffling to read a full page of solid text. Essentially, breaking down a written discourse into distinct sections is what lets it to smoothly flow into a more logical approach.

  3. Each body paragraph must contain an appropriate structure.
  4. Every paragraph needs to meet specific requirements. There must be a statement that serves as the primary point of the paragraph; the explanation where the writer expounds what he or she mentioned in the statement; examples which could be in the form of a quote, fact or instances which are concrete and can serve as solid evidence to the statement of the writer; then lastly the importance that explains why is the point that you have made in the paragraph is pivotal- in other words, you need to tell the reader why it is significant.

  5. Essay plans
  6. Such plans provide the essay a proper structure. In the same way, these are beneficial since it shall help the writer to prevent overlooking the valuable points that must be included in the paper. This will also keep you on track all through the entire writing process.

  7. A clear response to the prompt of the paper.
  8. It is a must to analyze the final draft and ensure that all the main points are fully covered especially if the promt is complex and consists of some parts.

  9. Right Language
  10. The language you use in the written discourse indicates your capability and skill to conduct research and analyze the subject matter. Make sure to prove your opinion and dig into your points sharply and clearly.


When you are to work on a 3-paragraph type of paper, make sure that you check out the vital components that must be contained in your essay- all these can make the paper become more effective, solid and strong.