Helpful Writing Ideas

Mention Family or Personal Circumstances That Have Affected Your Financial Status

You might be asked when applying for a scholarship or financial aid just why you need this support. You will need to be direct about your financial circumstances but you should still be careful as you write this.

Talk About Your Work Background

You can start by discussing your family’s working background. Talk about the jobs that your parents and other people in your household including yourself hold. Discuss how you and others are doing what you can to earn money. Whether it entails running a business or aiming to get into certain fields of work, you should be specific.

Even with this, you should talk about the expenses that might come about in your life. These include expenses relating to a home, vehicles and other necessities in your life. Discuss in detail how your efforts to make money are working to try and keep your life under control but don’t forget to talk about how it is still hard for you to afford a good education when all those expenses are considered.

What About Hardships?

Many hardships could come about that might keep you from having the money you need for college. You might talk about any medical issues that you or others in the household might have had. Any sudden emergencies or unfortunate situations like losing a vehicle or home could also be incorporated. These are among many problems that might make it harder for you to have the money you need for college.

Discuss Your Environment

Perhaps you are living in an environment where it is difficult for people to find money. It might be a town that has suffered significant economic hardships or places where it is difficult to find employment in. Talk about any issues within your environment that might keep you from being able to earn the money that you need to attend school.

Don’t Make It a Sob Story

Whatever it is you talk about, you have to avoid being overly emotional. You have to be upbeat and positive about your life and hopeful for your future. You must show that you are ready to get to college and that the scholarship you earn will help you reach that next step in your life.

Be certain when talking about your circumstances that you are honest and direct. Don’t be too rough when talking about your situation. You have to discuss your situation without being too hard on yourself.