Helpful Writing Ideas

Pick Experiences That Changed You

One of the most common questions that you might come across when writing an admission essay entails explaining a past experience that you had in your life. You might talk about how that experience changed your life. There are several points to look into when writing an essay like this.

How It Influenced Your Major

Think about experiences that inspired you to choose a particular major that you want to study. Maybe you took a field trip in middle school to a construction site and it inspired you to want to be an architect or engineer. Perhaps you could have been inspired to get into accounting after visiting a bank or other financial office.

Talk about what you might have done after such an event with regards to moving towards your major. You could talk about how you read more books on a subject, participated in clubs relating to the field of work you are interested in and so forth.

What Changed Your Mindset?

There are often times when you might have held certain beliefs but you decided to change them because of an event you experienced. For instance, you could talk about how you might have been for or against a certain political issue in the past but you experienced an event that caused you to go in the opposite direction of what you originally felt.

You might say that you were for or against euthanasia but an experience with a relative or other person who was dying from a medical condition might have prompted you to change your mind about the subject. Of course, your answer doesn’t have to be overly heavy but it helps to talk about what has influenced you.

Who Motivated You?

You can always talk about an experience with someone in your life that might have changed who you are. For instance, if you worked in a church group then you might talk about an event that you participated in with a pastor or other religious figure that might have strengthened your faith and purpose for life. No matter where that person comes from, you can always talk about how an event relating to that person changed your life.

Be willing to talk about the experiences that you have experienced in your life and how they have changed your mind in many ways. Such an essay will highlight how you have changed over the years and what inspires you in many ways. More importantly, it also shows people what you are like and how you have been impacted in many ways.