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If You Could Change The Curriculum In Your School, What Changes Would You Make?

Your admissions essay might ask you to be a little creative. You might be asked to think about the changes you would make the curriculum at your school if you had the power for doing so.

This might seem daunting as there are a number of ways how people could potentially change their schools around. As you answer this question, you have to come up with an educated and sensible response. There are several options for you to look into.

Think About the Efforts of Students

When answering a question, think carefully about the needs that students might have. This could include looking at how a school should provide students with actual experience. You could potentially change a curriculum to make it so students will have to complete certain studies or work on specific essays where they have to be creative themselves.

Understand the Future of Studies

You could also talk about the future of your line of study. This could include talking about the digital delivery of services, open source functions and even points on how programs can be adjusted based on very specific interests. You could talk about changing the curriculum to better meet the custom demands or interests that people might hold. Introducing concepts relating to how flexible and attractive the field might be can especially work well.

Could More On-Field Experience Be Needed?

You could always write about the experiences that students have and how a curriculum could change based on what people require. You might say that people would be required to attain internships in order to complete certain programs, for instance. This could help people to get into special fields and to get the real on-field experience that anyone might require.

Collaboration May Be Key

Another possible answer to list entails collaborative efforts. This could entail people coming up with new ideas and concepts in their fields while also accepting and working with other ideas that people might come up with on their own.

A Focus on Skills

You could even talk about an emphasis on skills if preferred. This includes looking at how a curriculum may change based on certain skills and less on factual information. It is about being flexible in terms of what people know and understand.

Your admissions essay will certainly be interesting and worth looking into. Think about how you’re going to change a curriculum in some way so you will show a school that you certainly want to make a real impact in your field and that you have great ideas that you wish to share.