Helpful Writing Ideas

Where Will College Education Bring You 10 Years From Now?

Many college admission essays will ask participants if they understand what they are getting themselves into with their studies. Colleges want students to think about their ten-year plans for their futures. As a result, you might be asked where you feel your education will bring you ten years into the future. There are several points to review when answering this question.

Where Will You Work?

You can talk about where you might be working ten years into the future. This could be relevant to your particular major but it could also entail new developments within your field that would be important well into the future. For instance, you might be studying programming with the hopes of working in the field of virtual reality development ten years from now. You could also study energy with a plan to work in the renewable power industry in the future.

What About Further Education?

You can also talk about the potential that you have for continuing your education. You might talk about getting a doctorate or master’s degree in your field of choice, for instance.

By answering your question this way, you will show your strong interest in your field and the powerful ambition that you hold. It shows that you want to go far in your field.

How Ambitious Are You?

You could talk about your desire to start your own business related to your field of study in your answer. You might say that you will aim to study engineering with the hopes of starting your own architectural or construction firm, for instance.

Try and be somewhat realistic though. There are times when it might take more than ten years for you to actually start your own business. You can always talk about working with the goal of becoming the leader of a business or even the owner of your own special entity. You can always show the school you are applying to that you understand how it takes time for you to move up the ladder.

Will You Help Others?

There is also the option of discussing how you want to help other people in the future. You might talk in your essay about how you want to travel to different parts of the world to help those in less fortunate areas, for example. If you’re aiming to study a subject in the health field then you could mention how you want to use your knowledge to help children in poor areas or people in spots where healthcare is not easily available.

There are no limits as to what you could get out of your college education. Think about where you will see yourself well into the future so you can get the most out of your work.