Helpful Writing Ideas

Creating essay in two hours: writing hints for newbies

Writing an essay can sometimes seem to be an overwhelming task, especially when it is bound by an impossible deadline – like a couple of hours. This seemingly demanding situation is not very uncommon though and might not produce the best of essays, but it is possible to write a reasonably good and passable essay within this time with some help. Here are some hints how to do it.

Keep calm

This is the most important preparation you take.

  • Don’t think about what resulted in this situation. but look forward and
  • Focus on the task as you need your full concentration for this task.

Choose the topic

The success of your essay will depend greatly on this step. Irrespective of whether the topic is given or you can choose it, there are certain rules to fix it.

  • Depend on your interest and knowledge to identify either the approach to a topic or the topic itself.
  • Base your selection on the contemporary nature of the topic or approach and also its relevance.
  • Select something which requires less data accumulation.

Plan the structure

Creating an outline is a starting point for a good essay, but you need to be innovative with them.

  • Write down the first words or sentences which come to your mind about the topic.
  • Start building around these words or sentences to form the main segments in your essay.
  • If you have any resource at your disposal, validate these ideas.

Divide the time

Divide the work according to the time available and keep a mental note as you progress.

Try for a great introduction and conclusion

Your introduction can make or break your essay. Very often the rest flows easily through if you can crack this.

  • Use quotation or shocking statistics, a dialogue or a intriguing story to grab the attention of the evaluator and hook him to the rest of the essay.
  • You might consider writing the introduction at the end of the essay for better communication.
  • Writing a conclusion id easier if you keep in mind throughout what you want to say in the essay.

Maintain the perspective

Adhere to the central theme or the topic of your essay throughout the article. Any superfluous information would affect the quality as well as be a waste of time.

Keep sufficient time for revision

Revise your essay before you submit and check for –

  • Cohesiveness – edit any redundant piece of information
  • Language and readability of the essay
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Adherence to the given format, word count etc.