Helpful Writing Ideas

Explain The Significance Of Your Major To The Society 10 Years From Now

The world is always going to change and evolve. There is a real potential for your major to make more of an impact on the world down the line. With this in mind, you must be willing to write in your admissions essay about how your major is going to make a real impact on society well into the future. Specifically, you have to talk about how it will change the world ten years from now.

What New Developments Will There Be?

You could talk about how your major will entail a number of key developments well off into the future. These include several developments relating to new technologies, discoveries and tests. New types of positions and businesses in the field may also come about.

You could talk about how your major will be more important in the future as people are more reliant on certain concepts. For instance, if you are majoring in education then you might talk about how ten years from now online schools and tutoring and virtual services might become more prevalent and that you want to make a difference in the field.

What Will Your Career Be Like?

Your future career is also important to your essay. You could talk about how your major will influence society ten years from now by looking at the long-term jobs you and others in the field may attain.

Let’s reference this with the education example again. You might say that you want to get into a major teaching position at school. You could even say that you want to study enough to where you could become an educator at a high-end school or at a position that entails a more complicated subject. You should talk about what you personally want to get out of your work ten years from now but you should at least incorporate how all people in the same field want to move forward just as much as you.

Discuss the Reliance For It

Your major could also be discussed based on how society will have a greater reliance on whatever it is you want to discuss. Referring back to the education example, you could say that your major is going to be essential as the current population ages. This comes as younger children will get into college while seniors might be interested in discovering new skills. You could say that your work in education is going to impact more people in the future.

Think forward when you’re looking at your major. Your admissions letter should reflect what you plan on getting out of the future and how it will make a difference well down the line. You can use this to get a clearer understanding of whatever it is you want to discuss and reference in your work.