Helpful Writing Ideas

What Book Has Influenced You Deeply?

There are many important books throughout the years that have inspired people of all sorts. Some readers are intrigued by the people they learn about in biographies. Others are inspired to study certain lines of work after reading particular stories relating to such fields.

You should look at many points when writing an essay about a book that has influenced your life. These include points that are relevant to the studies that you might be interested in.

What Do You Do After Reading?

Think about what you might have done shortly after you read a book for the first time. Maybe you might have chosen to volunteer at a certain charitable organization. Perhaps you might have tried sought after certain books about the same topic to learn more about it. Any book that had a sudden impact on you and changed your attitude about a certain point could be incorporated into your essay.

Did It Change Your Views?

Look at how literature has impacted your views of certain topics. You could have changed your mind about topics relating to censorship, abortion, gun control, race relations or many other points depending on the books you have read. This comes as you get a clear understanding of one viewpoint while recognizing that maybe your old way of life was not worthwhile. Talk about this in your essay if possible.

What Morals Do You Live By?

Some books prompt people to develop their own special series of morals that they might like to live by. You might have learned how to see beyond what you might observe and look for true meanings in many aspects of life, for example.

Be As Personal As Possible

The problem with many essays relating to books that change lives is that people write the same stock answers. You can only read so many essays about how To Kill a Mockingbird changed peoples’ attitudes about social status, for instance. Talk more about how a book has impacted your personal life and give examples of how you have changed without being overly generic in your answer.

Look back at your life and think about the many books you have written. As you go through your past, you will certainly find one that stands out above the rest. Be certain when writing about the book that you give passionate responses with regards to what the book is and how it made a true difference in your life.