Helpful Writing Ideas

Who Is The Person You Admired The Most And Why?

Look back at the many people who have made a difference in your life. Is there someone that you admire more than anyone else? Have you followed a particular person for much of your life and felt impressed over everything that person has done?

When writing about the greatest influence in your life, you have to look at how you’re going to discuss that person. You should use a few pointers for improving upon your essay on someone that you value.

Think About Individual Qualities

There are many things about whomever you might admire that could have inspired you. For instance, you might be impressed by someone’s honesty or generosity. You could be intrigued by someone’s physical skills or humility. Whatever the case is, think about the attributes that someone has and talk about how that person might have exhibited them in the past. You could even use this to talk about the first time you met or saw someone that you truly admire today.

How Did You First Come Across Someone?

Talk about how you first came to know the person that you admire the most. Maybe you met that someone in person, read about that person or even saw that someone on television. Whatever it is you should talk about how you were introduced to someone and discuss how you felt the first time you saw that person. You can use this prompt to think about what inspired you to follow someone of note in the first place.

Great Things Someone Has Done

Discuss the many actions that your greatest inspiration has done. Talk about points like how generous or heroic someone was or how a person put in more effort into certain forms of work. The positive aspects of someone could be mentioned in great detail in your essay so be certain you talk in detail about whatever it is that someone has done. It especially helps to discuss how someone might have overcome particular obstacles to achieve success.

How Has Your Life Changed?

Mention the overall impact that a person has had on your life. Write about how someone inspired your studies or encouraged you to do more interesting things with your life. Maybe you decided to move into a particular major or field of study because of the person that you admire. Discuss in detail how your life has moved forward for the better because you admire someone.

Thinking about whom you admire the most can help you to reflect upon your life and what values you hold. Make sure when writing about someone of value to you that you understand how you’re going to convey that feeling into words. This is so you can show that you are impressed with someone of interest.